Litchfield political parties to caucus on Tuesday

Tuesday is the day in Litchfield when the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will endorse their slates for the municipal election in November.
Each party will hold a nominating caucus at 7 p.m., the Democrats at La Cupola Restaurant in Bantam and the Republicans at the Litchfield Inn.
Registered Democrats and Republicans are eligible to participate in their respective caucuses.
Village Restaurant owner and Planning and Zoning Commission member Denise Raap is expected to secure the Democratic nomination to run for first selectman. Her running mates for the caucus are incumbent selectmen Anne C. Dranginis and Jeffrey Zullo.
On the Republican side, Selectman Jonathan Torrant is expected to gain the nomination to run for first selectman. His running mates for the caucus are Republican Town Committee Chairman Bill Burgess and former Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Thomas Waterhouse.
Both parties will also nominate candidates for planning and zoning, the boards of education and finance, and other boards.