Do I need an ultrasound?

Ultrasound Services

No matter what you decide to do, if your pregnancy test is positive, you will need an ultrasound to confirm if you have a viable pregnancy and to accurately date your pregnancy. We provide FREE limited obstetric ultrasounds in our licensed medical clinic that are administered by highly qualified, licensed, medical professionals.

Limited obstetrical ultrasounds are performed to:
  • Confirm the presence of a pregnancy, including location (intrauterine/ectopic)
  • Estimate gestational age
  • Confirm cardiac activity
  • Estimate due date

The ultrasound examination will not diagnose gender, abnormalities, and/or problems.

At our licensed medical clinic we provide a confidential ultrasound exam for you at no charge.

A Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound includes verifying a positive pregnancy, a viable in uterine pregnancy and dating. We do not do gender reveals or screenings. We refer out for those ultrasounds.

What Does An Ultrasound Do?

You’ve probably heard of an ultrasound before. People get them every day for a lot of different reasons. But, for our purposes, an ultrasound is an image of what’s going on inside your uterus. The uterus is the place that holds a pregnancy. An ultrasound is an excellent way to determine so much about your pregnancy. We offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds. They can confirm the pregnancy, detect if there is a fetal heartbeat, determine the fetal age and approximate due date. All of this information is very important. Good information leads to good decisions. Now that you have all of this knowledge, you can now begin thinking of your next steps.

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