Step-by-step Instructions/FAQ

Need help completing your application to join Ohio Proud? Use the following Frequently Asked Questions and a step-by-step explanation of the application. If you need further assistance, please contact 1-800-IM-PROUD.

Step I

Contact Name
Your name or the main contact person at your company. Ohio Proud contacts its partners with information pertaining to special events and marketing.

Contact Title
The contact person’s title or job responsibility in the company. (Example: President, Marketing V.P., Sales Manager, Owner, Manager, etc.)

Street Address
The FULL mailing address in which UPS, and USPS can deliver mail, packages, and other documents to your company. No P.O. boxes please.

City/State/Zip Code
The city, state, and zip code for your mailing address.

Phone, Fax, and Toll-Free Number
The telephone number is required. The fax and toll-free number may be not applicable. If so, please leave blank or type “N/A.” These numbers will be printed on our website as well as in the Ohio Proud directory to allow buyers to easily contact you.

Web site Address
The correct ( Web site address to visit your Web site. Ohio Proud links to all partners’ Web sites on our Partner page.

E-mail Address
Your personal or work e-mail to electronically reach you for special announcements, events, and information. Please provide an address you use daily we routinely like to contact partners about Ohio Proud activities.

Years in Business
The number of years your company has been established.

Number of Employees
The number of individuals you employ. Please include full and part-time, as well as seasonal help.

Are your products state or federally inspected?
Choose if you process in state or federally inspected facility.

Estimated Gross Annual Sales
Choose the range of gross sales your company falls under for the closest reporting year. These figures are kept confidential and only used in aggregate.

Step II

Where do you plan on using the Ohio Proud logo?
Advertising: Use of logo in multimedia, print, electronic, or voice advertising.
Package labeling: Use of logo on product label.
Web site: Use of logo on your company’s Web site.
Business correspondence: Use of logo on letterhead, newsletters, and business cards.
Vehicle marking: Use of logo on company vehicles, bumper sticker, or magnet.

Signature of Owner or Corporate Officer
Signed agreement between owner or officer of company recognizing the proper use of the trademarked Ohio Proud logo and Ohio Proud tagline: Made in Ohio, Grown in Ohio.

Step III

Ohio Proud Product
List the Ohio Proud products that fit under the guidelines of 50-percent grown, raised, or processed in the state of Ohio.

Product: The category of item that will be Ohio Proud. Examples: eggs, beef, pasta sauce, cookies, chips, canned tomato juice, salsa, etc.

Brand Name: The name of your product. Examples: Mrs. Smith’s, John Doe Family Chips, Jane Doe’s Salsa, Agriculture’s Finest Produce.

UPC Number: If your product is registered with a Universal Product Code. Visit to learn more.

Percent Raised, Grown, or Processed in Ohio: This is a numerical field. To qualify the percent must be 50 percent or more. For example: if you grow Ohio grapes to make Ohio wine and jelly and they are made and processed in Ohio, the percent would be 100 percent.

Grade: The USDA or Ohio grade given to your product. These are only applicable if they are for food consumption and are federally or state inspected.

Step IV

Please read, print, and submit the agreement. It outlines the parameters set forth through legislation outlining the use of the name Ohio Proud, its logo, and its use.

Step V

Sign Agreement
Sign the agreement using your company’s information that was used previously on the application process. On page 8, please sign, include tax ID number, and signature of witness. Note: There is no requirement for notarization of agreement.

Application Process

Cost to Join
Licensing application fee is $25 per product category. For example, if a company produces milk, ice cream and yogurt they would pay $25 for one product category which would be dairy.

How long does the application process take?
The application acceptance and approval process can take a varied amount of time. Ohio Proud staff processes the applications as fast as possible so your Ohio company can take advantage of the services as quickly as possibly. Most applications are processed within two weeks.

Where do I mail my payment and agreement?
To send your application via mail, please send to:
Ohio Proud
Ohio Department of Agriculture
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

How do I reach Ohio Proud by phone?
Call toll-free 1-800-IM-PROUD.